V5-Reverse | for rev & reg fr
V5-Reverse | for rev & reg fr

V5-Reverse | for rev & reg fr

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How to join reversed molding picture frame w V5-Reverse

the molding profile (ROMA 60645)

 How to join  (more petite) reverse molding  V5-Reverse


Accessory:  Grubber-Bar with rubber layer gently pushes the frame from the back and self-corrects the miter angle to join perfectly (up to 3 degrees). the clamp fence and the frame), designed to grab and protect the frame finish and self-correct up to 3 degrees to match the miter-cuts for maximum surface contact.

V5-Reverse is designed to join Reverse moldings and any other moldings and picture frame profiles. The joining method is straightforward, fast, and easy, and the results are remarkable: beautiful joined corners, strong bonds with no marks, gaps, or the need to use fillers. 

The clamp comes with new Grubber bars, which help push the joint evenly, auto-self-adjust the angle up to 3 degrees, and avoid leaving any marks/dents at the rear end of the molding. When joining regular frames, the new Grubber bars allow the framer to access the frame's rear while positioning. The joining method/ process now makes far better sense, and the joint quality improved by 100%.

clamp features

  • V5-Reverse  joins picture frames up to  4" in width (clamp opening)
  • accessories: two leveler bars and two Grubber bars
  • Two angle-adjustment gears - quick-adjust the miters to eliminate joining gaps.
  • "Push n Tighten" mechanism - special spring-Jaws pioneered by MasterClamp
  • Quick release - enable rapid frame change (opening size) into the clamp
  • spring jaws - deliver 1,000 psi, directed evenly throughout the joint 
  • Made in the US: of aircraft aluminum and professional-grade stainless steel.


Lifetime warranty  (24/7 help support by phone or email).

Free return/Refund with no time limit.

The 2024 V5-Reverse is the best miter clamp developed for reverse moldings and ordinary profiles. MasterClamp is a lifetime tool made of machined parts and held to the highest industry standard.


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