2023 MasterClamp

January 15, 23


Grubber Final review - by Avi Gombinsky

The ultimate joining system

 Hi everyone, in light of MasterClamp latest innovation, it might be helpful to highlight new solutions to some old problems in that space.

 The objective: To get the joint done quickly, effortlessly, and with outstanding quality. Welcome the 2023 MasterClamp Grubber.

 Often times, we find the joint gaped and weak, yet as we try to adjust one thing, another pops out, resulting with a compromised quality of the finished product.

 The reality is that we live in the three spatial dimensions, plus the time that we experience, and not like an insect living on the two-dimensional surface of a pond, unaware of the deep and complex reality below it.

 Joining problem exist, and live in 3 fronts: horizontal, vertical and depth, yet we are “conveniently” confronting only 2: the horizontal and vertical, (with any equipment). Obviously we are missing on the 3rd front: depth, (aka: the 3rd dimension). That approach is wrong, and definitely incomplete.

The Rubber-spacer (aka GRUBBER) adds that depth dimension, and turns the dormant/ static drying-time to become dynamic, active, and useful. 

The GRUBBER brings the miters to a parallel, and deliver equals pressure at the joint. The additional space and time allows for the glue to take the sufficient time and reasonable pressure to make a nice tight joint. Specifically the glue penetrates and set correctly in one go to create strong bonding. Needless to say, the results are stunning: great look, and feel.

That is my final Summary, and review of the product.

Btw, Preparing to write this to you, made me more aware, and better informed of the above. Thanks for your time.

Hope that helps,


Avi Gombinsky/ development

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