Clamps & profiles

Which clamp for what kind profiles?

MasterClamp sees itself as a provider of the world's best framing clamps, most innovative, advanced lifetime tools.

MasterClamp designs framing clamps to join any type of profile in any size frame width and depth of moldings
From MasterClamp's point of view the universe of moulding is the three categories below:
  1. basic ordinary frames and reverse moldings up to 3.5" width (clamp opening) the product is: V5-Basic/Reverse.
  2. basic ordinary frames and reverse moldings up to 6.5" width (frame opening) Product is: V8-Basic/Reverse.
  3. Shadow box, canvas floaters, stem-molding, deep molding, and tall molding, the product is V5-Pro 3.5" frame width, (clamp opening).
The above frames categories are relevant to how we designed dedicated clamps to target/ deal with, join every type profile with most  precision, simple and understandable joining method and easy fast way to provide high quality, perfectly finished frame joints.
Another factor in our design is to choose what is practical, adaptable, and agrees with US picture framers habits, culture, and working methods. Simply put MasterClamp is designed and made here in the US, by picture framers, for picture framers.
We always listen to comments/ input from our clients, and reconfigure/ remodel the next year Edition accordingly, and use advanced technology, science to change materials made of to what works best, while ignoring the cost factor best we can.
For all the above reasons we offer lifetime warranty, and full refund w no time limit or condition, hans prepared to learn from mistakes, and fix/improve/perfect our products, and clamp performance. Most importantly we are mostly concerned about our clients concerns as to their investment, expectations, experience, etc. and I must mention that we enjoy the great trust in us comming from all of you, now and throughout the years, the best is yet to come,
Avi Gombinsky/ MasterClamp development