2022 Best Practices to join Picture Frames - MasterClamp

           by Avi Gombinsky (Feb 8, 2022)

Why Is It Difficult For Picture Framers To Join Shadow Box And Floater Frames? Because The Taller And Deeper The Frame The Less Stable It Is And Clamping Pressure Goes Only To The Bottom Of The Joint, Instead It Should Be Applied Evenly To The Entire Joint Surface Top To Bottom.

However “For 2022 Masterclamp Improved Their Clamps To Address This Issue. Comes 2022 V5-Pro Variant, A Dedicated Clamp Equipped With Special Features To Address Exactly These Issues.” Says Avi Gombinsky Owner And Developer Of Masterclamp. It Is The Most Advanced Framing Clamp Clamp And It Evolved With A Concept which Force The User Into Implementing The  Best Practices in joining Picture Frames (Highly Recommended). Educational Presentation Videos Can Be Watched on our Website (right here) Along With Detailed Instruction And helpful Information. Yet MasterClamp put efforts To Inform the Trade Professionals And Most Importantly To Take Advice, Request Or New Ideas. Others The Problems And How To Resolve By Implementation Of Best Practices Available At Present Time. It Is Exactly What Masterclamp Continue Doing Since 1994.

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