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The discount applies to MasterClamp's latest models:
V5-Pro 2022 - shadow box, canvas floaters stem mouldings (up to 5" deep and beyond),
V5-Basic 2022 - all basic and popular frames and shallow profiles

clamps opening: 3.5" (rabbet)

please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or special requests, (onsite or personally below)
Avi Gombinsky/ MasterClamp development
Avi Gombinsky MasterClamp development 

Picture framing magazine - Sept, 2021

                                                   By Rob Markoff

At the 2020 National conference I taught a sold out class called Gizmos and Gadgets. We reviewed over 150 innovative tools and techniques that I found to be worthy  helpful. When PFM asked me to write an article and choose 3-5 items to share it was a bit like asking me who is the favorite of my children! Here are a few of the items that I think are very useful. All of them will help you to make better frames and can help you to get out of some sticky situations like getting nail­hole filler out of your customer's couch or your clothing. I have provided links so that you can read more about them.


MasterClamp V-5 Pro

After several versions and revisions, I think MasterClamp V-5 Pro may be the best miter clamp ever made. It is beau­tifully machined, made in America and is a lifetime tool. In the event that your miters are not perfect 45 degrees, the jaws may be fine-tuned to achieve perfect surface contact for a strong joint. However, the best feature is the 

 ability for the miter fences to also be adjusted inwards. This is the perfect clamp for tall shadowbox and stem mouldings because it also applies  at the top of the moulding and not just at the bottom. The clamp is intended to be used to glue the joint first and allowing the miter to completely dry before adding v-nails or other fasteners to reinforce the miter.


















Avi Gombinsky Founder of Masterclamp
Avi Gombinsky
MasterClamp founder
Jan 18, 2022
As we are launching our new site, I'd like to share again an article authored by Rob Markof (the "Guru" of everything picture framing..) Published Sep 2021 in Picture Framing Magazine  as an educational and practical prospective.

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Sit back and enjoy watching the video: How to join any picture frame profile with one MasterClamp. Made in the USA, of aircraft aluminum and professional grade stainless steel.

watch below v5-Pro functions and adjustment features

 join over-sized canvas-floater  ( gallery workshop NYC).