coming soon 2 new clamps

coming soon 2 new MasterClamps (new models)

Hello Grumblers (this not yet published on site except here)

1) 2023 new V8-Oversise - for super-wide mouldings up to 6.5" width/ rabbet

2) 2023 new V5-Crossover -  for medium depth (and beyond) shadow box, floater, stem moldings and beefy frames (clamp opening 3.75")

both new models are not intended to replace existing models, but extending what you can join MasterClampwise 2023.

*more details pics, functionality, how and why.. will be published (on this page only) in less than a week. stay tuned

May 3rd 2022

V8-Oversize -  picture frames up to 6.5" width/ rabbet

Following customers request and recent trend we (redesign its predecessor

  V8-Qra) in production now and will be available in 8-10 weeks.

the clamp is designed for super-duty application and enable to join wide moulding quick, easy (a twist of the handle) and very strong. The new design is made of high strength steel and Aluminum and will keep its strength and precision under heavy-duty applications.

The 2023 (year model) improvements

  1. improved shape structure and initial design.
  2. lighter in weight (5.2 pounds).
  3. actual clamp opening: 6.75".
  4. Gear/ transmission enforced: elongated quick release, now made of higher strength steel.
  5. performance - delivers greater power with more ease. (Hercules) 
  6. lower cost/ price.   


V5-Crossover - Medium depth shadowbox, stem molding & more

1-2 inch deep profiles

Fence Heigh 1.75"

clamp opening 3.5"

compatible with all other MasterClamp and can use different type clamps on a single frame.

Some framers requested this design since often practical given depth size and allow "hands on" access on to the frame while clamping, here it is:


compared with v5-pro


The above 2 new models - V8-Oversize and V5-Crossover are both limited Edition (for now), G members/ framers who are interested to be announced as become available may leave a message onsite: contact us.

Free shipping will be granted for the first 30 days (G members) who contacted. (no commitment/ availability..), As production is complete the new arrivals will be added/ posted on site (as well as prices of course).


Avi Gombinsky/ MasterClamp development


* happy to help and or answer any questions/ special request