2024 Super Edition


2024 super Edition, Improvement and upgrades 

Our past experience and the present/future expectations suggested to make some changes to the clamps model, in order to get higher precision, as well as durability with certain parts, resulted w superior performance.

Grubber - new accessory/feature

The Grubber is a layer of rubber 1/8” thick, intended to attach to the clamps fence. However, it is an optional accessory, which can be easily removed, or reattached at will, depending on your experiment conclusion and benefit, etc. MasterClamp added this feature to the 2024 clamps models.

As we know joining issues often include frame moving around, shifting out of alignment, as pressure increased while clamping, etc. while we try to relax it in. The new improvements cause the miters to come nicely together, in a magical way. The Grubber, first introduced in 2023. After testing couple variants it became final, and is now known as a game changer.

The added Grubber clearly perfecting the joining process, and enables 100% control of the joint quality, strength and looks. The Grubber holds the frame in place, and become kind of template for the individual moulding. Once clamping begun it will bring the miters slowly and nicely together, it helps fine-tuning the joint in wider range of angles, more directions, and new dimensions, simply amazing!

Quick release (elongated/ more threads)

The quick release part was elongated to contain more threads, so it can carry more load, more smoothly, and last much longer. It is made now from hard steel, (rather than stainless steel). We learned that this part wear and tear was relatively high, being the transmission gear of the clamp, and these improvements are critical for smooth, uninterrupted operation for many years of service.

More improvement were made as a general overhaul of the tool design, the material parts are made of, and tolerance/ threshold, to elevate precision, and improve performance, thus making MasterClamp a long lasting life-tool.


2024 new Grubber feature

2024 quick release/ elongated

the 2024 improvements & upgrades 

Avi Gombinsky & team/ development,


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