*V5-Reverse | joins reverse and reg. molding

V5-Reverse - join reverse & regular molding (new)

MasterClamp is launching a new classic framing clamp designed to join reverse molding and regular picture frame. The joining method of reverse moulding is simple easy to follow and fast to achieve a perfectly joined corner with no gaps, or marks/dents to the frame. The clamp comes with accessories: two leveler bars and two Grubber bars to assist the framer to be in full control of all aspects involved with high quality finished product. Basically the user gets a clamp designed to join any picture frame profile and molding in our universe, "pretty amazing" (.says Avi Gombinsky - product developer). A reverse-Kit is available on site if when intended to join reverse moulding. V5-Revese framing clamp is designed for professional trade picture framers, and known to be the world's best.



how to join large reverse molding (ROMA 60645)

The magic, how it works..

joining reverse molding small (ROMA 60545)

V5-Reverse 2024

with reverse molding: ROMA 60645

Voila that's all, ready to join 

reverse kit ( click shop>clamps - menu bar)


joining instructions (reverse molding)

  1. secure the frame-adaptor to frame back (where the template mark is) 
  2. place the miter cuts into the clamp (upfront as possible).
  3. place the two leveler support bars under the miter-cuts
  4. place the two Grubber bars behind the miter cuts (as in the pic).
  5. Turn the clamp handle to tighten the joint by repeating all four corners
  6. Allow glue to dry for 15-25 minutes, 
  7. remove frame adaptors, unscrew from the back of the joined frame, and remove all four clamps.

Voila, done.


joining instructions (ordinary moldings)

  1. Draw the clamp handle backwards and place the molding onto the clamp opening.
  2. Using the two gears, adjust the clamp angle till no gaps seen and the alignment seems perfect.
  3. Coat both miter cuts with glue and realign.
  4. Tighten the handle clockwise until you get a tight joint, as you feel necessary.
  5. Wipe off the excess glue.
  6. Allow 15-20 minutes for the glue to dry, before removing the clamps.
  7. Voila done!


MasterClamp 2024 - The improvements:

  1. Clamping pressure - increased to delivers equal pressure throughout the joint.
  2. clamp opening - enlarged from 3.5" to 4" 
  3. Spring-loaded jaws - upgraded to carry more load
  4. Angle adjustment - the clamps angle will adjust easily to match with the miter-cuts for the best possible contact and alignment.
  5. Clamps setting – intuitive and easy to use enables framers to work with more type of picture frames.
  6. User friendly- straightforward clamping method made easy to understand, adapt and practice, requires minimum hand power to deliver the force and precision necessary for the job.
  7. comes with new Grubber bars, and two leveler bars

Features include:

  • Angle Adjustment - (two gears on the right fence) designed to adjust the clamp angle thus adapt to the miter cuts angle.
  • Quick Release - (back of clamp) designed for a quick change of the clamp opening to fit a new frame in.
  • Clamp Handle - when turned clockwise creates the clamping pressure necessary to create maximum bonding strength at the  joint.  (Up to 1000 psi)
  • Spring Jaws - (front of the clamp) continuous action of "push and tighten" aimed at the corner, to achieve a strong joint every time.
  • two leveler bars
  • two Grubber bars

 MasterClamp makes the most reliable framing clamps in the industry.