Floater Framing Clamp, V5-Pro | MasterClamp

join canvas floater frame with a dedicated framing clamp fast and easy. The clamp V5-Pro has special adjustment features to get the right angle, horizontal and vertical. That make it easy on the picture framer who need to keep up with unique frame structure. The framer can get a tight Gapless joint with maximum surface contact thus a strong bonding.

The complex task is to keep up with a few plains and angles while holding the miters aligned with reasonable amping pressure. Amazingly 2022 V5-Pro covers all that by default and extra fine tuning as needed to perfect the joint. It is tan easy and fast way for professional picture framer to wrap their hands around this joining task and succeed every time.

we highly recommend using V5-Pro as the best way to join canvas floaters and Guarantee the results.

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