January 8, 23

 Grubber – Game changer

 The Science & development

The *Grubber is a layer of rubber 1/8” thick, intended to attach to the clamps fence. However, it is an **optional accessory, which can be easily removed, or reattached at will, depending on your experiment conclusion, if benefit, etc. MasterClamp added this feature to the ***2023 clamps models.

The Grubber is an active p-layer in two new dimensions: ****depth - 3D, and *****time - 4D. It transforms the clamp to become ******self-adjusting/ fine tuning. The Grubber layer add fine-tuning capability of the clamp, thus enable to adapt to existing miter-cuts, thereby taking new position to match with corner joint. It become a dynamic corner template which adapt vertical and horizontal angles, in all directions and new dimensions., Not something that you can do by hand, simply too many, and too much.. It eliminates all gaps, thus increasing the surface contact. This process begins soon as you turn the clamp handle to tighten, and continues throughout the drying-time period (20 min.).

With the Grubber attached, MasterClamp becomes armed with two new dynamic active fronts; space and time, in addition to the other two: horizontal/ vertical. They keep moving, adjusting and adapting all the time, including the 20 minutes drying-time. Time which is well used to rid of gaps, while avoiding any shifting, or change in the alignment.

When testing, the Grubber easily negotiates the obstacle, when Grubber meet frame the special rubber changes shape to accommodate the molding, that suppleness in the rubber allowing it to traverse both hard and softer wood, is exactly what is needed with versatile types moldings.

The clamps operation simplified, as all adjustments at the framers fingertips, soon as turning the handle to tighten.


*Grubber The name Grubber refers to a Grabber made of rubber, or to a Rubber gripper.The specially formulated  Grubber yields as you press on it and it returns, and it has enough strength to carry the pressure load of the clamp.

**Optional accessory (beta version). Depending on framer experimentation, testing results with certain profiles, etc. very easy to remove or reattach, at will.

***2023 clamp models. The Grubber is compatible to use with all previous year models. Grubber pads are available to purchase on our site: Parts/Grubber (menu bar)

****Depth – 3D. The flexible yet stable rubber-spacer is acting as an Armchair designed for the frame-corner to rest in, while the joint is getting done, how awesome.

*****Time – 4D. Time begins when start tightening and continues throughout the 20 minutes drying-time period.

******Self-adjusting/adapting. Please make sure to set/lock all adjustment gears, and knob to zero adjustment, aka Factory-settings, and watch (as you’re tightening) the behavior of the clamp, slowly guiding the frame into position, for a nice tight joint. However, if needed, (very unlikely), adjust accordingly, (with gears and knobs).