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MasterClamp the ideal Framers Clamp, like no other.

value proposition

A standalone portable picture framing Clamp designed for professional picture framers. The Ideal tool  to perfectly join any picture frame profile: shadow-Box, canvas floaters and basic molding. Easy to understand and work with, the "all in one" framing clamp is simply the best and the only one you will ever need.

MasterClamp delivers top quality finished frame, keep pride with your working products and help you to increase the profit margin. It's also the best return on investment, guaranteed!!!  MasterClamp comes with lifetime warrantee (and full refund with no time limit no questions and conditions).

MasterClamp is proudly made in the USA, of Aircraft aluminum and professional grade stainless steel.

MasterClamp 2022 - A MATTER OF FACTS

  • MasterClamp is  known as the best framing clamp ever made.
  • The one clamp that joins all profiles: shadow-box, other tall moldings and ordinary frames.

  • gets the most done quick with perfectly finished corner joints
  • save time when joining any picture frame and increase profit margin.
  • smart assembly designed to inspire, all parts are machined and made in the USA of Aluminum and stainless steel to assure long lasting and precision.
  • lifetime warrantee and refund is granted with no time limit or conditions.

2022 MasterClamp - since 1999

The proof

MasterClamp live in NYC and has been yearly upgraded since it was first introduced at the 1999 Javits Center trade show in NYC.

MasterClamp sold to nearly 4,200 satisfied gallery owners mostly in the US and Canada. MasterClamp great reviews can be seen online and in other professional publications like  "The Picture Framers Grumble", "Picture Framing Magazine" Facebook and others.

masterClamp always improve its products by adapting new technologies and materials  to make the best framing clamp (that it is) even better for the upcoming edition. 

Get the 2022 edition (limited).

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See them in action, the so called "Framers dream clamps" get them now while you can, you would love it. Try MasterClamp products for any period of time as you fee; The 2022 edition is fully refundable with no time limit or conditions. MasterClamp is guaranteed to work perfectly forever, with lifetime warrantee.