V5-Basic/Reverse watch video

video: joining reverse molding: ROMA 60645  (New - Oct 2023)

Reverse molding: ROMA 60645 


V5-Basic/Reverse - 2024 Edition. 

The 2024 V5-Basic/Reverse is designed to Join basic frames and reverse moldings fast easy, and with great precision. The joining method is intuitive using our reverse-kit. basically joins any kind type of frame up to 4" width, (clamp opening).  

Picture Framers have longed for an ideal framing clamp, suitable for joining various picture frame profiles. Join us today as we present this revolutionary framing clamp V5-Basic/Reverse. The new clamp auto-adjust the 90-degree angle to match with the miter-cuts, up to 3 degrees, amazing!  Enjoy watching the video and  learn how to join reverse molding like never before. any picture frame profile with one MasterClamp. Made in the USA, of aircraft aluminum and professional grade stainless steel.

Avi Gombinsky/ MasterClamp development