Reverse kit
Reverse kit
Reverse kit

Reverse kit

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The reverse kit enables the new* V5-Basic (aka v5-reverse) to join reverse Moulding as well (in addition to regular molding (which it's known for).

A "frame adaptor" placed on each miter's back converts the reverse molding to act as an ordinary molding (the rest of the way) to quickly create a perfect corner joint. It's an easy and fast way to join reverse molding (about one minute per corner joint).

The kit consists of a template (for individual molding), frame adaptors, screws and driver, Grubber bars, Grubber roll, and punch/marking tool 

*new V5-Basic - looks the same as the old, but reinforced to carry more load, opens larger up to 4" to enable Grubber (rear support bars).

joining instructions (reverse molding)

  1. secure the frame-adaptor to frame back (where the template mark is) 
  2. place the miter cuts into the clamp (upfront as possible).
  3. place the two leveler support bars under the miter-cuts
  4. place the two Grubber bars behind the miter cuts (as in the pic).
  5. Turn the clamp handle to tighten the joint by repeating all four corners
  6. Allow glue to dry for 15-25 minutes, 
  7. remove frame adaptors, unscrew from the back of the joined frame, and remove all four clamps.

Voila, done.





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