V5-Basic | Master Framer Clamp

V5-Basic | Master Framer Clamp

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V5-Basic Framing Clamp is intended to join the most popular picture frames and elementary frame profiles.

  • V5-Basic joins picture frames up to  3.5" in width, capable of joining reverse molding (with reverse kit) profiles (example ROMA 60510 )
  • easy angle adjustment - adjust miter cuts to avoid joining gaps.
  • "Push n Tighten" - constant pressure Jaws-Mechanism.
  • Quick release - clamp opening quick insert frame.
  • High clamping pressure of 1,000 psi (helps the glue to dry fast: 15-25 min.).
  • Made in the USA of stainless steel and aluminum (professional grade).
  • Lifetime warranty  (24/7 help support by phone or email).
  • Return/Refund with no time limit. 


Join picture frame up to 3.5" adjustable angle gear to optimize miter contact (avoid joining gaps), and high clamping pressure creates strong bond at the joints.

The 2022 V5-Basic is the best miter clamp ever made, joining any picture frame type.  Precision machined parts made in the US provide a  lifetime tool. The clamp can be easily adjusted and fine-tuned to achieve perfect surface contact, thus strong bonding.


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